No time like the present!!

It was time. Time to start working on myself for real. But how and with whom? I already have had so many different counselors and therapies. Who will, and above all, who could actually help me?

Then I found Hagar, through social media, I was able to book an initial online introduction right away within that same week. So nice! In my own time, online through skype, easy to book through her website . No travel time / no stress /no parking fee, and most important comfortable on my own couch. I felt an immediate click, and it was possible to continue onwards with weekly follow-up sessions, without any waiting time. We are currently starting session nr 9.

I have never been so happy with therapy! Finally, I’m actually working on myself. Hagar shows me how to make room for clarity and space in my clutter by giving me insights into my own brainprocesses. The reflections and the schemes she uses clearly show me me she understands what is going on. She teaches me useful tools ready for use in my everyday life. Furthermore I learned to live more consciously, to do everything with more attention. That’s the result of practicing the exercises I learned in therapy. Clearing the clutter in my head is heavy work but also illuminating.

The helpfull insights Hagar gives me into my own brainprocesses are without difficult words and with easy to understand examples and metafors. One of those insights made me start to exercise without any direction or direct assignments in therapy?!

Thank you Hagar!