Symposium BSI Magical Mind op 20 maart 2012

The human mind shows curiosity and a natural inclination to understand the world around. Some scholars even go as far as to suggest that the human mind is magical by nature in that it attempts to attribute meaning and find purpose in experiences and events for which no direct explanation is available. Our minds may naturally assume the existence of forces, metaphysical laws, or supernatural powers that transcend between physical and spiritual realities and that may be invoked and manipulated through ritual and spiritual practices.

The present symposium attempts to enlighten our magical minds by focusing intellect on two core ritual practices: the ayahuasca shamanistic ritual and pagan ritualized practices. Several experts in the scientific and experiential study of shamanistic and pagan ritual will provide apprehensive insights in the psychological reality of such magical practices, a history of its scientific study, and the philosophical consequences of an increasing inorganic world.

Program of the symposium